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Want help planning and implementing a freelance business, so that you can have a better work life balance whilst earning a real income and still pursue meaningful work?

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In the past 10 years I have moved from a corporate employee and missing out on family life, to a freelancer making more money than before, whilst now having the freedom to be with my family and choosing my own hours.

Today, I help others to discover how they too can have the same result of income and time freedom. By working with freelancers just starting out on their freelancing journey I have helped them to set up their processes and systems to avoid any overwhelm and keep them focused.

Having someone holding you accountable and guiding you through the process makes you more successful.


£297 for 5 sessions (PLUS a Bonus 6th session with a financial coach )

Over the 5 sessions we will:

  1. Create a future self vision – Taking the time to create your own personalised vision of your freelance business helps you to know exactly what you want and how to fit it around your family life. Giving you the inspiration  and clarity necessary to aim for things you never thought possible. 
  2. Who are your clients? – Learn how to find and sign up your perfect clients. Being able to make a difference to your clients lives whilst giving you a sense of purpose in your own life.

  3. Services to offer – Through your work you can feel both passionate and purposeful in your life. Learn how to narrow down your expertise into the services you will offer your clients.

  4. Pricing – Discover how to set your prices and create pricing packages. Realise how you can make a real income without the need to compromise on your family values.

  5. Build a network – Create a database of valuable connections for use now and in the future. Making these connections allows you build relationships and move forward with confidence. You are not alone in this.

We provide templates and worksheets to focus and become clear on goals, such as the hours to work and income goals.


To book a Freelance breakthrough session to chat through your needs please pick a time –  click here.