Are you Limiting your Growth by Trading Hours for Money?

Jodie started her online business by offering her services as a content creator. She wrote articles, short reports, and eBooks for her clients. As she grew her client list, she started bumping against a common problem for freelancers—a lack of time.

Offering services gives you space to grow as you start your online business. You learn about what your audience wants and how to deliver it. You can experiment with different projects and discover what your style is.

But as amazing as doing service work is, you still face a serious limitation—your time. You can charge for the hours you work, but there are only so many hours in the day. For me personally, I offer advertising which costs my clients per month plus they pay for my time, I feel limited on the amount I can charge.

It’s true that you can learn to work faster or hire people to help out. But if you are on your own, you’ll eventually hit that hard limit on what’s possible. That means your potential and income will cap out – unless you change the way you offer your services.

Packages Are the Key to Getting Paid Better for Your Time

Packages work like this: you create an offer like designing 25 graphics, which may initially take you about 10 hours to do. Rather than charging then an hour rate for 10 hours of your time, you put a price on the package and a client pays that – having no attachment to the amount of time you’ll put into it.

As your skill increases and you get to know your client’s needs better, you work faster and more efficiently and still get paid like you worked for 10 hours. That’s the power of packages. But that’s not even the best part—clients love packages too. They like having a clear price and task list to say “yes” to.

Packages Aren’t Really about Time or Money

trading hours for poundsAs an entrepreneur, you don’t just have your skills to offer. You also have your experience and knowledge. When a client purchases your package, they’re paying for all that you bring to the table, not just your time.

Your knowledge is valuable. Your experience is priceless.

When you understand this, your eyes are opened to the incredible impact of your work. It makes it easier to charge more for your packaged services and gives you new-found confidence when speaking with potential clients.

Packages are Perfect for Everyone

The great thing about offering a package is that it can work in just about any industry and for any type of service professional. It doesn’t matter if you’re a copywriter, graphic designer, coach, or another kind of freelancer.

When Jodie began offering packages, she was surprised at how quickly some of her clients said “yes”. She’d been worried that her clients would think her skills were less valuable if they were packaged but she found the opposite was true. She’d never been more in-demand and had to create a waiting list for potential clients to join.

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