Working from Home

Working from home can be insanely busy, especially if you have young children, so if this is you – any work you get done is a bonus!

At home I have a shared office with my husband – it’s actually our garage that we converted. It is at the bottom of our garden which benefits us in a few ways.

  1. We actively leave the office and walk up to the house – this is our commute, albeit a very short one I think it helps to separate work from home a little.
  2. The noise factor when the children are home if one of us has to work. We are less distracted than if we were in the house.
  3. We leave our books, pieces of paper notepads etc in the garage, so there is no temptation to work in the house.  Working from home is our way of trying to maintain the work/life balance that we want.

Unfortunately as I have more than one business focus I am guilty of working in the house in the evenings and weekends for this blog. So number 3 is already a bust for me.

But I think that is important to note, not everybody has it solved. Some weeks I struggle and I think, “after this is sorted I will be able to get back on track”. But this just isn’t so. There will always be distractions, problems along the way but I strongly believe working from home can work well.

I don’t know about you, but at work I used to have distractions that interrupted my work flow. The endless meetings I was called into or colleagues drifting by my desk for a chat.

So I am learning to accept the situation, set expectations and be grateful for the work I complete. My husband has worked from home longer than I have and is much better at accepting the interruptions.

This section is designed to help you be more productive if possible and keep you motivated.

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