Video Training – Worried About Finding Clients?


Video training on how to get new clients when first starting out as a freelancer. Watch the video a couple of times and work out which method resonates with you and make a plan to use this method to begin with.

Ask yourself:

  • When are you going to start and have you got everything you need to start?
  • What does initial success look like for you? – 1 client, 3 clients or more?
  • How long are you going to test? How are you going to measure your results?




When first starting out as a freelancer one of the biggest obstacles is knowing how to get clients.  I remember being overwhelmed by Facebook ads, YouTube videos and a number of courses showing me how to get clients. Some of them worked and some of them just wasn’t for me.

This video is an introduction to the various different methods of finding clients from networking, content creation to paid ads.  It is important for you to see the different methods and pick what will work for you. If you don’t use social media then that isn’t going to be effective for you, as the learning curve will be steep and the results disappointing.

Now don’t overlook the obvious and forget to tell family and friends what you are doing, they could put you in touch with your best client!