Making Affiliate Sales with Pinterest – eBook is Now a Course

It all started with a pin I saw on Pinterest. The notion of earning from Pinterest was intriguing to me. This sounds too easy – How could this work?

Paid by PinterestI clicked on the pin and followed it to Elise’s website House of Brazen, then I spent the next 20 minutes or so browsing her website and reading about Elise and her business. I decided to buy the book, I was looking for a side hustle idea and wanted to find out more.

Once I bought Elise’s book I was committed to working on my Pinterest account and the thought of earning from affiliate sales was very exciting.

I must admit that the first time I looked at the eBook I was concerned as the book was at the time,  less than 30 pages long and I wondered how much value I could get from such a short book. But I was wrong.

The book was crammed with details and a step by step processes. Elise covers everything you need to know from start to finish. The book was updated whenever Pinterest made any substantial changes and I had access to the updated version. And to make things even better, the ebook is now a course!

I guess you are wondering on whether I implemented her process – yes I did and I have found that it does indeed work in gaining traffic and leads for my affiliate programs.

Have I made any money? – Yes I have, but not as much as I wanted. But I put this down to the type of affiliate programs I have joined and are trying to promote not the process Elise describes. I haven’t spent enough time aligning my affiliates with products and services I use and love.

I would definitely recommend Elise as a person to follow and I still reference this book. If you buy the course, you can read, watch, implement and start earning within a few hours.

If you already have an engaged Pinterest following and the affiliates you choose are aligned with your values, I don’t see why you wouldn’t start hitting your income goals quickly.

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