In Pursuit of Your Dreams – A Day in Your Life as a Go-Getter

Creating the life you want and deserve starts by making goals and then reaching them. That doesn’t occur by accident. It’s something that a person has to strive for in order to have what they want.

These go-getters know exactly what steps to take. You can do the same, but first you have to understand what your life would be like if you went from sitting on the sidelines to jumping into the game in pursuit of your goals.


You Live By a Routine

You’ll often hear people moan about a lack of time. They’ll say that they can’t get anything done to reach their goals because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Yet, there are those who do and who succeed beyond their wildest imaginations.

So, what’s the difference between those who do and those who don’t? Why do some people do nothing but talk about the kind of life or business they want while others work to make it a reality?

The difference is that go-getters live by a routine. They know that the biggest hurdle that prevents a person from having the life they want is wasted time. They schedule their personal and professional lives and guard against time stealers, (my personal time stealer is Candy Crush!).

As a go-getter, you understand the value of every minute, of every second because you know that “just” ten minutes idly scrolling through social media can easily turn into an hour or two.

You don’t want to waste any time on things that won’t further your goals. To prevent wasting time, you have a routine that you stick to, day in and day out. Thanks to your schedule, you know exactly what you’re supposed to do during your morning routine and all through the day.

Your minutes are accounted for right up until it’s time to turn the light off to go to sleep.

Being a go-getter doesn’t necessarily mean that you work harder than others, or longer hours. What you do instead is work smarter and eliminate time wasting.

You understand how to get the same tasks done, but with less time and effort, because you’ve studied, and you’ve learned what to do and what not to do. You let mistakes become a teaching point rather than a stopping point and you’re not afraid to tweak your routine if something isn’t working for you.

You use your routines to keep yourself organized. You’re not wasting precious work time trying to find that report that you need. Because you didn’t just save it to the computer “somewhere” but instead, it’s organized in a file or online where it can easily be accessed.

When you’re organized, it helps to keep you on track. When you know what your goals are and you have them broken down into steps to take throughout your days, weeks and months, by the end of the year, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

Success doesn’t happen willy-nilly. It’s a concentrated effort and people like you, the go-getters, do that. You use your routines to benefit your life. You finish projects on or ahead of schedule.

You build in time in case something goes wrong and when it does, you still end up being able to deliver what you set out to do. The key concept that go-getters grasp is that there is power in just five minutes of time.

In five minutes, you can delete unimportant emails, you can schedule a social media update to a business page or skim through notes for an upcoming meeting. So, if a go-getter finds that they have five minutes on their clock, they schedule that time into their routine, too – so that nothing is ever unaccounted for.


You Know How to Prioritize Your Day

A go-getter knows how to prioritize the day. You’ve learned that it’s best to take care of the most pressing things first. Over time, you’ve learned that when you prioritize first things first, what you need to get done is always handled.

While you might have things that matter to your business that still need to get finished, what’s most important to the survival of your business always takes top priority because you make it that way.

A go-getter uses a list for everything that he or she needs to do for the day. On that list are all the tasks written out in order of importance. This list is what a go-getter refers to throughout the day to make sure he’s on track.

As a go-getter, you don’t just have one list – you use a master list and create your smaller lists from that. A master list is where you’ve written down all the tasks that are important to your goal.

This master list is divided by the weeks and months. You use it to help you keep any of the deadlines that are coming up. With each of the things on your master list, you have a completion date that lets you know when you have to get the most pressing things finished.

That allows you to move these items to your day to day list. When you make your day to day list, you mark these things with an I for important or a U for urgent. As you create that list, as a go-getter, you assess and consider the business value of each of these tasks.

Occasionally, you might end up having a list that numbers five things all as equally important that must be done that day. So you order the tasks by the estimated effort each one is going to take, with the most effort first.

When you look at your list, this determines what must get done no matter what else happens during that day. It’s something that, as a go-getter, you live by without fail.

By prioritizing your day, you’ve learned that you can avoid the overwhelm that often accompanies dealing with business issues.

You’ve also learned the art of prioritizing situations when you’re not the only team member. For example, when you need to handle a project, but a team member hasn’t turned in part of it, you’ve prioritized time for potential problems.

You’ve made it so that an unforeseen circumstance doesn’t derail the plans that you’ve made for the day. Because you’ve built in that leeway, you’ve figured out how to avoid the stress that can happen when someone else’s priorities don’t line up with yours.


You Don’t Stray from Work

A go-getter understands that it’s persistence that determines success. You accept that you don’t know all things, but that what you do know you’re going to put to work to benefit your life or your business.

You have a lot of things that you want to accomplish. That’s a trait that’s common among go-getters. You have a solid craving for progress. Standing still doesn’t make sense to you because you want to make things happen.

You want to get to the next step, you want to reach the next level and you’ll do whatever it takes. Procrastination isn’t something that interests you. You find procrastination irritating and you’d much prefer to work rather than to slack off with the task at hand or put things off that you know you can do now.

You have a strong work ethic. There are lessons that you’ve learned as a go-getter that have helped you to be the success that you are.

You know that focus is one of the most important aspects of being this type of personality. Because focus saves time and effort. While others might break to check social media, you don’t give in to whimsical breaks (unless it’s candy crush, haha!).

You get into the workflow and you stay there until the job is done. You have your eyes on a target and the thought of pausing every few minutes to do something else just doesn’t appeal to you – not even if it’s something that you enjoy.

You know there’s time for that, but it’s not now. Working hard for your success is what makes you feel fulfilled. Getting off track with your time isn’t something that you do. You’ve set firm boundaries.

No one is to interrupt you while you’re working. You’ve learned how to ignore emails that come in mid-task and you don’t spend time chatting on the phone for nonessential reasons during your allotted work time.

You’ve learned that there’s a time and a place to handle things that crop up throughout the day and you’ve already scheduled for that. It allows you to keep your focus on what you’ve currently got going on rather than fretting about what just came up.

As a go-getter, you don’t stray from work because you’ve learned about your own self limitations. When you start a project or do anything business related, you know what you can and can’t handle.

So you don’t ever bite off more than you can chew. This sets you up for success right from the start. Because you know what you can and can’t do, you make allowances for time to learn or to get outside help.

What’s helped you be a success is that you don’t stray from the work by offering excuses. You don’t give them to others, and you don’t accept them from yourself. If something goes wrong, you don’t spend time worrying that you’re stuck. You figure it out or you get someone who can and you keep right on moving.


You Delegate to Others or Utilize Tools Efficiently

As a go-getter, you have a knack for getting things accomplished. You’re not afraid to jump right into the deep end of things and make progress happen. There are a lot of people who prefer to do everything themselves.

They don’t want to take their hands off the wheel. Sometimes they think that in order for something to get done right, they need to be the one to handle it. But go getters have learned that delegating tasks frees them up for – not just the most important things – but for the enjoyable ones as well.

It makes good economic sense to be a go-getter who delegates. Many go-getters make good money. So if someone makes £250 an hour, it doesn’t make sense to spend an hour handling a £15 task – not when you can easily pay someone else to do that.

You’ve learned the value of your time and that by delegating, you’ve saved a lot of money. If you have members on your team who can do the task, then pass it on. You’ll be able to jump into what’s next.

Delegating or outsourcing can double your productivity and most go getters already understand that. They’ve made a list of their biggest time drags and have delegated or outsourced to others.

So it’s like gaining more time in a day. Go-getters also know the importance of using tools. These important resources can increase your productivity. The problem is that some people are hesitant to spend money obtaining these tools.

Or, they don’t because they worry about the time it may take in order to master being able to use those resources. But the right tools can make work more efficient. You can do the job in less time with less energy spent on it.

Sometimes people don’t invest in tools because they’re not sure which ones are the best for them. They don’t realize that not every tool will work for every business, so they end up not doing anything to change what needs to be changed.

They might know what the problem is and might understand that they need to take a course to boost the marketability for their business. Or they know that they need to learn about lead generation, but there are so many choices that sometimes people end up not making one regardless of what subject they need to learn about.

But a go-getter understands that sometimes using a tool for their business is a matter of trying one or two out to see which one gives them the best possible results. They’re not scared of putting money into knowledge because they know it’s going to pay off once they put the knowledge into practice.


You Enjoy the Life You Work Hard to Create

Being a go-getter can sometimes give people the wrong impression. They have a mental image of a hard worker hunched over a desk madly working with no end in sight. But you know that’s not the truth.

You get that it’s not just about working hard. You don’t just work because you know that you enjoy the good things that your hard work creates. You have a life filled with benefits that your hard work brought about.

While it might look like you’re a workaholic on the outside, your hard work is actually a measured and very disciplined effort. It’s because of this trait that you’re able to have time to spend with your family and friends.

Because you’ve worked hard to create a good life, you can spend time on things that you enjoy doing. You’re able to go out to a nice restaurant when you want to. If you want to go to a concert or take in a live show, you can – because the money brought in by your hard work has allowed you to do that.

You might spend money on a nice wardrobe or on a new car. Or you might put some money into a hobby that you enjoy. Doing what you like is important because you need to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

If you’re working hard and striving to meet goals but all you do is spend money on bills or mundane things, that can make life mundane. You need to do things that you enjoy with the money you make. You can schedule this time into your routine if you need to be reminded.

One reason is because doing this can help you de-stress or even keep the stress away. Fun things relieve tension. Another reason you want to do things you enjoy is because experiencing the results of your hard work helps you to stay motivated to keep at it.

You’re seeing a tangible payoff for the hours and efforts you’ve put into your business.

A go-getter knows that you can take time to schedule play hours or play weekends. They get the importance of needing a refresher, of needing to bask in the life that the work has made possible.

It can bring a feeling of deep satisfaction when you see proof that you’re making a good life for yourself. When you take time to enjoy the life you’ve worked hard to create, it can also improve your efficiency as well as clear your mind to allow for fresh ideas.

As a go-getter, you know that you have to keep in mind that you are the business’s most important asset. That’s why you make doing things you enjoy with the life you’ve built one of your priorities.

So, live your life as a go-getter starting today!


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