How to Find Your Own Money Story

So, what is a money story?

In 2016 I completed an entrepreneurial business course where there was a section dedicated to your money mindset. They discussed your own money story and how there are conscious and unconscious stories we tell ourselves about money. These stories affect how you react to money and how you communicate about money.

This collection of beliefs and experiences is often tied to your upbringing or your closest circle of friends and family.

What about your memories? Perhaps you heard your parents arguing about money or maybe, like me,  you were told not to talk about money.

Many people actually aren’t fully aware of the good and bad parts of their own money stories. They just experience happiness or frustration at the end results.

Some memories of mine around money were:

      • My Dad saying wealthy people “have more money than sense”
      • Mum asking us “Do you think I’m made of money?”
      • My grandparents told us that – “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
      • Or simply hearing  that we can’t afford something
      • Something that I remembered when doing this work was my dad saying ” don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Ha, this is probably where my love of side hustles comes from.

Money says whatever you tell it to. Money can represent anything. Money isn’t good or evil, however, it does amplify your true nature.

TV shows have been influencing our money stories too. Think about tv shows like Dynasty or Little House on the Prairie. How many tv shows have shown rich people as distant, dishonest, and self-absorbed?

So, are you ready to find your money story?

Get yourself a pen and paper and follow these steps to start unearthing your own money story:

  1. Go back through your childhood and write down things you heard your parents, teachers and other adults say about money. Think about any experiences, activities, perspectives, choices, rules, or attitudes.
  2. How did those stories impact you and how you feel about money?
  3. What stories are you telling yourself about money today? Pay attention to your thoughts around money and make a list of these thoughts over the next couple of days.
  4. Look at this list, how are you judging yourself about your relationship with money?
  5. What would you do differently if you could rewrite your money story?

If you want to do some more work on your financial situation check out these resources: – Catherine Morgan is great at helping you build your financial foundations in a safe environment. Elise McDowell is a great money mindset teacher, I have had many breakthroughs with her products.


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