How My Work From Home Routine Has Changed

There’s no getting away from it, there have been some huge changes over the last couple of months. With the children homeschooled and work constantly changing, the need to adapt has never been more important.

Working from home can be distracting at the best of times if you let it, but now we have a permanent full house I’ve had to completely change how I work.

My Monday to Friday work schedule before lockdown; I would get the boys to school, walk the dog and then work 9.30 till 12.30, have lunch and then continue to work 1-3. If there was anything urgent still to do, I would take time in the evenings after all the clubs were finished and we had eaten, this was usually 7.30-9pm.

I don’t know about you, but since lockdown, finding a little space for ‘me’ in the day has become nearly impossible. It feels like every minute of the day and every room in the house is occupied.

To combat this, as I’m more of a morning person, I now get up and take the dog for a walk at 7.30. This way I’ve had a little time to my own thoughts, I’ve exercised and Chewie our Labrador is happy.  It’s a win, win, win!

Once I get home I start work for 2 hours. The boys leave me alone for the majority of this time, as long as they have been fed and watered.

At 10.00 the boys do their chores and get changed ready for the day’s work.

10.30 homeschool begins. I have usually taken some time the evening before to prepare what they are going to work on that day.  For the next 2 hours I flit between them all, helping, marking, discussing, whatever is needed.


The afternoon is time for the boys to play in the paddling pool, board games, video games or work on any project they’ve been set by the school. We also set up messenger video calls with their friends if they want.

Now this wasn’t the routine at the start of lockdown and I doubt this will be the routine by the end. I’m trying to be flexible and watch the kids to see how they are coping. I also check in on myself on how I’m coping.

Right now I’m away from the laptop and writing with pen and paper in the back garden on a glorious sunny day watching the boys in the paddling pool.

We have taken days off when we are getting burnt out.

We have worked in the afternoon if we have gone out for a family bike ride in the morning.

I have reduced the amount of work the boys are asked to do if they are getting frustrated or switched to other resources such as IXL or Twinkl for inspiration and motivation.

My work schedule has changed and starts earlier in the day and is pretty much finished by 10.30.  Any additional work I need to complete is done late afternoon, in the evening or at the weekend, but as my contracts have been reduced this isn’t always necessary.

I feel grateful that my work has dropped in hours so that we can balance our daily lives a little better.

I realise that others are not so lucky. I have a friend who is expected to work 37 hours and homeschool her 2 children each week.

How about you?

How are you coping with these changes?

How has your ‘normal’ working day changed?