How I Get Into a Positive Mindset

Have you ever had a moment when you are working and time flies and you are at your most productive?

Getting into the right mindset or ‘vortex’ as Esther Hicks calls it usually means things go better.

Before I work on something that is important to me I like to get into the right mindset first. The reason is that I feel more of a connection to it.

If I want to work on my goals or am needing to get creative I usually check in with how I’m feeling first. If I’m tired, distracted or being a bit of a Debby Downer I don’t attempt to work on anything.

But If the work needs to be carried out I will try to boost my mindset back up to a more positive vibration.

Here’s some of the ways that work for me:

  • Watch a video or look at pictures of my boys e.g. I put on a video of the boys messing about in the paddling pool. Or I have a specific video of my eldest when he was 4 sliding down the slide in wellies and landing in a puddle, it’s so endearing I love to watch it.
  • Listen to music. I put on some upbeat music, or music that makes me a little nostalgic.
  • Sing along to music – Much to my families annoyance I love to sing along to the music. Even though I am well known for not knowing the correct words, so that’s lots of la la la’s.
  • Walk the dog – If I’m in a bit of a funk I take the dog out for a walk and clear my head.
  • I watch my mind movie – This idea was introduced to me to go along with vision boards. I have a video with slides, music, quotes and photos that really brighten my mood and help me focus my mind.
  • Look through my goal cards and visualise my future self when I am living the goals having come true.
  • Look back over a list of past successes. I have written down all the times in my life where I have succeeded at something that seemed impossible or hard. From learning to ride a bike, learning the shopping cart move on roller skates to completing my dissertation with minutes to spare. Each time I’m faced with something seemingly impossible or just feeling stuck I pull out this list and remind myself of the things I have achieved.
  • Funny dog and cat videos are a last-ditch attempt to make me laugh. The boys watch compilations on YouTube and always call me in if something is particularly funny so we have a good selection set up.

What works to get you out of a funk and feeling more positive?