For Mums on the Verge of Exhaustion

Being a Mum could be just as stressful as being an airline pilot.

I read an article recently that identified the signs that you are stressed at work, and low and behold at least 6 could also be said of being a parent:

  1. You work around the clock
  2. You have unexplained headaches
  3. You are often angry or irritable
  4. You can’t sleep at night
  5. Constant exhaustion
  6. Detrimental lifestyle preferences – eat excessively, or make unhealthy food choices and stop exercising
  7. Lack of proper resources and training or communication

For a job to be officially classed as stressful it has to meet some of the points below:

  • Frequent interruptions
  • Lack of control
  • Switching tasks frequently
  • Unable to complete tasks
  • Care deeply about the results
  • Physical demands
  • Constant deadlines

Does this sound like a standard day in your household, as it does in mine?

If you look at your daily life and it meets some, if not all, of the above criteria, you are in a stressful environment.

In fact, it qualifies as illegal stress levels of an occupational workplace.

Today we wear our busy, stressful lives as a Badge of Honour. We talk about how busy we are, not just as mums, but as business owners,  entrepreneurs, freelancers, and when we add a family into that equation it becomes tenfold.

guilty feelingWe are on call 24 hours a day, we work longer hours, we sleep less and to top it off we are guilt-ridden about everything.

” couples with children are 8 times more likely to have arguments than couples without kids.”

If this is you – You are not alone!

It is believed between 1/3 and 1/4 of all mothers are physically depleted and fairly distressed by daily life. Yes – that was daily life.

So, how can we help ourselves? Below are some ideas that you can use to help yourself when you are in a funk.

  1. Learn to accept help. We can be proud and self-sufficient – wanting to stay in control. Allow others to help out even if it something small like taking your bins out. Personally I regret not letting people help with my children when they were young.
  2. Park your judgment, disappointment, and embarrassment. Stop beating yourself up about how you imagined family life to be and how it is in reality.
  3. Get food – good nutrition can help with energy levels.
  4. Make time for daily exercise and fresh air.
  5. Learn to notice your breaking point  – everyone will have different symptoms, if you are at breaking point acknowledge it and talk to someone.
  6. Connect with friends and family. A conversation on the phone with your best friend or mum can lessen the stress.
  7. Re-connect with your partner – You are a team, take some time to reconnect as this can re-energize you both.
  8. Run through things that you are grateful for. Practicing a little gratitude always shifts my perception from the negative to a more positive mood.

Remember – You are not alone.

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