Could You Create a Service Package for your Clients?

What Services Could You Create a Package Around?

Sarah was a graphic designer who loved what she did. She enjoyed creating images for her clients to use in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Since she was beginning to max out the amount of time she could spend on her business, she began looking into offering packages.

Service packages for everyoneMaybe you’ve heard of packages—some service professionals create a package that allows them to sell their skills for more money. This lets them to continue to grow their income without spending all their time at the computer. If you like the sound of creating a package in your business, read on for tips to get started…

Think about the Service Requests You Get

If you’re a website designer, do you get requests to put together snazzy sales pages complete with beautiful graphics? If you’re a virtual assistant, are your clients always begging you to set up their mailing list in ConvertKit?

Grab pen and paper quickly. Write down the top 5 tasks your clients ask you to handle. Would you like to turn one or more of these tasks into a package? What might that look like to you? Would this make your work more efficient?

Focus on Your Favourites

As you begin looking for tasks that you could turn into packages, make notes of your favorite ones. You’ll want to build an offer around the services that you most enjoy so that you’re excited and eager to sell your new package.

Don’t try to design a package around tasks you hate doing. You’ll dread the work and have difficulty closing sales. Clients will be able to sense your unhappiness and be less likely to work with you.

Could you set up some templates to use for your services e.g. sales copy or Facebook adverts?

Rate Your Services

Once you have a list of projects you love doing, try rating each one on a scale of 1-10. One is the type of task you hope to never do again. Ten is the task that makes you sit back and think, “How AMAZING is it that I get to wake up and do this every day?!”

If you haven’t been working long as a service provider or if you’re frustrated with your work, you may not have any projects that rank a 10 for you yet. You may discover that most of your projects rank just a 5.

This can be a wake-up call that you want to change up your offers or find clients that are a better fit for your business.

Get Feedback

You can also share your task evaluations with a fellow service provider or a business mentor. Let them take a peek and give their advice. Maybe another service provider will show you that your service is great fit but you’re not attracting the right clients.

Perhaps your business coach can point out projects that might be better suited to your strengths. Lean in and listen to the people that are rooting for you to succeed. Let them help you discover new paths that you may have overlooked.

Take your time and think through your package. You want to design it so that you’re only taking on projects that light you up and fill you with joy.

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