Consider the Value You Bring to the Table

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the idea of packages, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs who have worked traditional jobs struggle with this concept.

That’s because when you’re working for someone else, you’re forced to watch the clock. You must be present for a certain number of hours. This may mean being a cashier for 8 hours. Even if the store is completely empty, you’re still there.

I remember watching the clock in some of my early admin jobs when my work was finished, the curse of being efficient!

Stop Filling Your Hours

If you’re not careful this mindset can transfer over to your freelance business. You show up to your laptop or tablet each day, with the knowledge you’re going to be there for eight hours.

The problem is that creating a client’s website or running their social media accounts only takes you a few hours. So, you just fill the other hours with ‘busy work’ like checking the news, posting to social media, and emailing.

Then at the end of the day, you scramble to get the website published and send out an invoice. You may feel like you’ve worked all day but you really didn’t. You stretched a simple project into the time available.

Think about what else you could have done with that time! Perhaps get a little more balance to your personal and work life. After all that was one of the reasons you started freelancing wasn’t it?

Focus on Your Value

Instead of concentrating on time, start looking at the value that you’re providing. It doesn’t matter if you made that value happen in two hours or twenty. If the project only needed four hours of your attention, then complete it in that time-frame and turn it in. Don’t wait by the clock just because you feel like you have to.

As an entrepreneur, you’re in control of your time. If you believe it’s valuable, your clients will pick up on that and have more confidence in you.


Your Skills + Experience = Value

Service providers can sometimes think in terms of what they can do, like writing a sales page or setting up ConvertKit to seamlessly automate a client’s marketing.

But it’s not just about your skills. It’s also about the experience you carry with you and your ability to get the job done correctly.

Your client can get overwhelmed wondering which path is the right one. With your experience, you can guide them to the action that will help them achieve their goals.

Imagine a client comes to you looking for web design services. There are plenty of ways to start a website but they’re stuck. They don’t know which option is going to serve their needs.

You listen to their request and ask probing questions. You get an idea for their vision and understand what features are essential to their website. Then you create a WordPress site for them.

You didn’t only make a website for them. You showed them which option is the best one based on their needs and that knowledge is worth a premium. You saved the client countless hours of frustration, streamlined their decision, and gave them valuable insights. That’s worth far more than just an hourly rate!

At first, it might feel intimidating to create a package with a large price tag. But keep in mind that your experience and expertise are priceless.


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