Connect With Your ‘Why’ Before Starting a Side Hustle

I have written about my freelancing and Amazon FBA store but they haven’t been the only Side Hustles I have run.

In 2012, I started a toddler sports class at my local church hall. As we have 4 boys we found that the local singing and creative classes were great, but they weren’t active enough. Trips to the soft play seemed to make the boys hyper and it became more of a contact sport than I’d have liked.

Over the past few years, I had read books like ‘the unbalanced child’ and ‘the out of sync child’ which really brought home the importance of certain activities and movement from an early age. I had a strong urge to create a physical class that promoted coordination, collaboration and physical exercise. The class involved crawling, which some children skip in their development but is important for physical strength and crossing the midline which improves gross motor skills and coordination. (sorry, geeking out now)

The classes ran for a year and I loved them. I could see the transformation from no hand eye coordination to them whacking the ball mid-air. I could see the self-confidence improve and even some social skills starting to develop.

I didn’t stop for financial reasons as once I had covered the equipment, hall hire and insurance costs, I was in profit.

I didn’t stop because I couldn’t see room for expansion. With some effort, this could have developed into a little franchise of some sort.

I didn’t stop because it was getting harder to keep the content fresh. As the toddlers soon started nursery or school so couldn’t attend and I had a new influx of children.

I stopped when we were pregnant with our 4th child.

This made me rethink the future of the classes. Where did I see them going and how would the business grow?

Although I loved running the classes I hadn’t taken into account my ‘Business Why’.

I wanted to have a business that allowed me to be home and available for my family. I wanted to do the school run, take them to clubs (even though I still moan about it lol) be around when they need me. 

For me to grow my business I would need to book more classes throughout the week and travel further away, this didn’t align with my future plans. Now they are all at school this would probably be feasible, but when they were little this was not in alignment with my Why.

connect with whyThe lesson in this?

Connect with your why, before making a decision about a business, whether it is a Side Hustle or full-time business.


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