Becoming an Amazon FBA Seller

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller has opened my eyes to the world of affordable eCommerce. For years I have worked on PPC accounts for eCommerce stores but never felt it was a world I could enter.

There is the issue of buying enough stock for an entire website. First, you need to find it then have enough money to buy it and find somewhere to store it. Then if you sell anything you have to package it up and send it out. What if you were away? Who would do it then?

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller takes a lot of the headache away and allows you to dip your toe in the eCommerce world without a lot of the risk.

I can buy stock, send it for Amazon to store and ship. I don’t need to think about marketing my store or dealing with customer service . I can then reinvest the profit into more stock or decide to keep it.

If in the future I want to have my own store and using the Amazon FBA seller account I can test products, prices and suppliers.

This section delves into what Amazon FBA is and how you can use it to create your own income stream. Life is not always rosy and I also share my mistakes with stock bought or prices set.

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