Becoming a Freelancer

The decision to become a freelancer can be life altering.

For some, it can be a way of gaining more work/life balance. On the flip side, it can be the most stressful experience of their life.

I started freelancing in 2011 and had mixed success over the years. A huge part of freelancing is building up a network of peers. This has been my greatest success. I am sent referrals fairly regularly throughout the year.

I also work for agencies when needed – this gives me a boost to my income but it does disrupt my work/ family life which I just have to accept.

The upside of starting a freelance business is that you decide your hours and you have the control to work around other commitments.

Being able to set my own schedule has allowed me to work around school holidays with as little interruption to my work as possible. Another great advantage is that you get to set your own prices and deadlines, for some projects. The removal of any commuting also gives you a couple of extra hours back every day.

Some downsides to freelancing is the pressure to find your own clients and the need to manage your own accounting . Also, depending on your industry and reputation, your work load is likely to fluctuate, so budgeting becomes more important. There is usually a bidding process where you are expected to put together proposals and have to beat the competition to win contracts. You will also need to market yourself which may be unfamiliar.

I have put together some information and resources to help you along the way, whether you are just starting out or have been freelancing for a while.

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