4 Side Hustle Ideas for You

Sometimes, there’s no drastic need for immediate income and you have both the time and the energy to pursue your projects.

Surely, this makes it easier to decide which side hustle to pursue?

Actually, having the time and the energy can make it feel even harder to decide which business model to lean into.

In these situations, it’s best to get quiet and listen to your intuition. Pay attention to which path you feel drawn to.

I had a client that was in a similar position and I encouraged her to look through her daily life and her past interests and jobs and pick out things she found enjoyment in. I encouraged her to look at her work and personal life to see if there were any strengths and passions.

We realised that she liked to shop, and she enjoyed working with numbers.  From here, she then set up an FBA store to sell some existing things she had around the house and start to get a feel for eCommerce. Now, she has a small FBA store that generates an extra income and she really gets a buzz out of sales coming through her store.

Below are 4 side hustle ideas to consider when starting up your own business.

1. Embrace the Freelance Gig 

As a freelancer, you’ll find clients, complete a project for them, and get paid. Some freelancers go full-time, earning six figures from their online business. Others prefer part-time hours and might offer their services in addition to working a full-time job or work around family life.

Some freelancers have lifestyle freedom. That means they get to set their own hours. If you’re a night owl who prefers working from 12 am to 8 am, you can do that.  Or if you’d rather have a traditional schedule and work 8 am to 5 pm, you can do that.

Other freelancers must physically go to the client which can restrict the hours you work, such as hairstylists, wedding make-up artists and photographers.

Freelancers don’t have to beg for a raise. As your skills improve, you can simply send a note to your clients saying, “I’m raising my rates. Here’s what the new price is and here’s when it goes into effect.”

Work from Anywhere

Some freelancing is based online. This means you can usually work from anywhere you choose, provided you have the tools you need to get your projects completed.

That means if you want to backpack around the world while freelancing, you can. Or stay local and simply work from your favorite café, library, or home office.

2. Become a Coach 

Coaches can be found in every area of life. Typically, a coach is someone who helps a client achieve a goal. This goal might be big such as finding a new job or searching for a soul mate. The goal may also be smaller such as updating their wardrobe, losing ten pounds, or learning how to cook.

You can find coaches too that help people reach goals in their finances, career, fitness, business, relationships, etc. The possibilities are endless, and the exciting news is that anyone can become a coach.

If you have specialized knowledge that others crave, you can decide to offer your services as a coach.

3. Publish Awesome Content & Get Paid 

Start a Blog

Just starting a blog and publishing your thoughts online won’t make you instant money. But if you post regularly, build relationships with other bloggers, and create a community around your content, it’s possible you can turn it into a business.

This is exactly what Leslie Samuel did. When he grew weary of working long hours as a college professor, he created a blog that allowed him to replace his full-time income. Now, he shares the strategies that are working for him on his website, Become a Blogger.

Create a Membership

Angela Wills, the founder of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, was already working online as a virtual assistant. She enjoyed working for her clients but when she became pregnant, she knew she’d need to spend less time working while continuing to earn an income.

So, Angela created a monthly membership filled with training for online entrepreneurs. Each month, she released a new product to her members, allowing her to receive recurring payments month after month.

Write Copy for Clients

You can also make a living with your words by writing copy for business clients. It helps if you understand content marketing terms like copy, conversion rates, above the fold, call-to-action, and more.

You can find clients through referrals, LinkedIn introductions, and Facebook groups. Other places where you can find writing jobs include Upwork, Guru, and Constant Content.

Publish Books

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program has made it easier than ever for writers of all experience levels and genres to self-publish their work. That means whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you can get your work in front of thousands of eager readers.

No matter what you write, it’s possible to build an online business doing what you love. All you need is a little bit of determination and a willingness to learn.

4. Sell Physical Products from Home 

Do you want to start an online business? Are you a stay-at-home mum who is looking to create a part-time income for your family? When you start researching, you’ll discover there are many ways to sell physical products without facing huge overhead costs.

Print-On-Demand Publishers

Print-on-Demand publishing allows you to design a product and it’s only created when someone orders it. For example, you design an inspirational image with a pretty font. You upload that image to a print-on-demand site. From there, you can the image onto mugs, blankets, notebooks, t-shirts, and more.

When someone orders an item with your design on it, the company prints it and ships it to the customer. Then you’re sent a portion of the proceeds. How much you earn with these business models depends on how popular your designs are and what your profit margin is set to.


Staci Ann Lowry loved creating handmade Christmas ornaments. She enjoyed it so much that she sometimes found herself taking apart old ones so she could repurpose them into new designs.

To earn some extra Christmas money one year, she listed a few of her ornaments on eBay and discovered to her delight that they sold. She continued her ornament business and when she was widowed a short time later, she used the business to support herself and her two young children.

Now years later, Staci has built a thriving business she calls The Ornament Girl where she ships her members the supplies to design their own ornaments each month.

You may not realise it but adding your creations to sites like eBay or Etsy can be the start of a beautiful new business venture.

Amazon FBA

Amazon is one of the world’s leading online marketplaces. But what you may not know is that Amazon has a program called FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon. It works like this: you send a new, or used product to Amazon.

Amazon adds the item to their warehouse and stores it for you. When a customer orders the item, Amazon ships it to them. FBA is good for Amazon because it allows them to keep the shipping time to their customers short and it’s good for you because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of storing hundreds of items yourself.

Of course, it can take time to see a big payout, and some categories sell better than others, depending on the season of the year. However, many families have used this method to achieve financial goals like becoming debt free.

Cliff and Jessica Larrew built a six-figure business using Amazon FBA. They even created a blog on the topic called The Selling Family. It’s filled with tips and advice to help you get started doing the same thing.

Hopefully, these topics have sparked your imagination and you have some ideas on what kind of business you want to set up, whether it is a freelance gig such as a graphic designer or selling products online….or both!

Once you have an idea of the type of work you want to do, you can start researching the various options open to you and see if this aligns with what you are looking for in a business.