20 Questions to Boost Your Motivation


 When your motivation starts to lag, ask yourself these 20 questions, enjoy!



  1. Why am I feeling discouraged?
  2. Have my goals changed?
  3. Am I no longer feeling challenged?
  4. Am I really ready for this change?
  5. What is out of sync? What is missing?
  6. Am focusing on the wrong things?
  7. How can I approach this to get myself back in sync?
  8. Is there a different way to do this?
  9. Would letting someone help me make a positive difference?
  10. Are my expectations for this realistic?
  11. Do I need to adjust my timeframe to better meet my goal?
  12. Do I need to adjust my goal to better meet my timeframe?
  13. What would someone else tell me about this situation?
  14. If someone else were having this issue, what would I tell them?
  15. Is there anything I can do to shake things up?
  16. What am I’m doing right?
  17. Why did I choose this goal? (remember your ‘why’)
  18. What do I need to feel motivated again?
  19. What do I need to do now?
  20. What can I do right this minute to get back on track?

I hope these questions help you to focus and find the motivation and drive you need for the days ahead. 

I know I use these on a regular basis when I’m feeling a little lost.

If you would like a PDF printout version 20 Questions to Boost Your Motivation

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