Don’t Fall Victim to Toxic Clients

We’ve all experienced less-than-stellar clients who have the highest expectations but feel we can do nothing right. They make demand after demand but don’t listen when we try to reinforce our own business boundaries. Or they aren’t happy with the results, even when we completed the task based on their exacting demands. Toxic clients like these suck the joy out of business and that translates into sucking the joy out Read More …

Bookkeeping Basics: For Entrepreneurs Who are Scared of Numbers

Are you one of those business owners who hates looking at their bank statements? If you’re in business to make money, why wouldn’t you want to look at your numbers? Have no fear: you’re not alone. Money is a huge stressor for business owners, in part because they get confused over the bookkeeping aspect of business. However, the only true way to plan your business and to earn your wealth is to know and understand your financial statements. Avoiding your bank statements will not make your financial problems disappear. Read More …

Find Balance Between Work And Family, Before You Burnout.

Does this sound familiar?

Joan is a busy mom who works full-time with a side hustle as a party planner. Some days, she feels overwhelmed and pulled in twenty different directions all at once. She’s started sleeping less and skipping meals so she can get it all done. Although she may not realise it now, Joan is on the fast-track to burnout.
Unfortunately, burnout can be more likely to hit entrepreneurs, especially those who are trying to balance a family. But it doesn’t have to be a guarantee. There are many preventative actions you can take to avoid burnout in your life and business. Read More …

Why You Should Take More Risks in Life

We’ve all heard the saying “You’ve got to break eggs if you want an omelette.”

The idea behind this statement is among the reasons why taking risks is so vitally important to achieving success. Think about it, if you don’t accept the risk of losing, you can never have the reward of winning. It is the risk that gives you the chance to come out on top. When you really understand this, you can easily see that risk-taking is a positive and beneficial behaviour that allows success to develop in both life and business. Read More …

Protect Your Time By Learning to Say “No”

Some choices you make about your time seem automatic. You probably spend a certain amount of time taking showers and performing basic self-care activities.  Everything else though, comes down to you determining priorities and making a choice.

It’d be wonderful if you were able to say “yes” to projects and people that fill you with excitement and deliver the best possible profit. But in order for that to happen, you’ll need to say “no” to a lot of lesser things. Read More …

What’s Undermining Your Confidence?

Willow was a graphic designer working for a large agency. She enjoyed the work but she wanted a more flexible schedule. She wanted to strike out on her own and launch a graphic design business, but she was terrified of taking the leap.

Sound familiar?

When someone asked her what was holding her back, Willow said it was a lack of confidence. Without confidence, it’s easy to stay stuck in situations you dislike. Maybe like Willow, it’s a job you hate or perhaps it’s a relationship that’s become draining.
Understanding the cause of your low self-confidence is the key to overcoming it. Here are four of the most common reasons that people lack confidence… Read More …

12 Ways to Welcome More Gratitude Into Your Life Every Day

Embracing gratitude to create more abundance and clarity will require creating new habits, commitment and focus. Here are twelve ideas for maximizing your efforts, to make your new lifestyle as joyful and stress-free as possible.

1.Practice Gratitude Waking and Falling Asleep – The quickest way to get into the habit of gratitude: Find three things to be grateful for, first thing in the morning—before even opening your eyes. And when your head hits the pillow, think of three things you were grateful for that happened during the day. (And feel free to add more, if you like!) Read More …

Working at Home with Children

During the years of working at home, I’ve been asked tons of time ‘How do you find time to fit everything in?’ my answer is always ‘You don’t!’

Over the years I have set my work schedule to match my expectations. When I had children under 3 years old my work expectation was a lot less.

It is important for you to decide what a work at home lifestyle looks like for you. Unless you have help in some sort of childcare you can’t expect to do the same as you would normally.

Remember why you chose to work from home. Was it because you want the flexibility of time with your family? Was it to avoid childcare costs? Decide what balance looks like to you. Read More …